We just completed our first openSUSE project meeting with a newly added plugin to bugbot called MeetBot. This plugin helps with meetings by:

  • Automatically generating minutes by listening to specially selected commands (click the link to see an example)

Since writing minutes after a meeting can sometimes be an onerous task, this should really help in that department.

If you like, compare the commands in the log (all beginning with # — i.e. #action something) to what is output in the minutes to get an idea of what things can look like.

It was created some time ago and has been used in-and-around Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora project channels, but I don’t think it’s been public knowledge everywhere just yet. Anyone can use it straight away from any channels that bugbot is in; any problems, please give me a shout!

Thanks to Richard Darst and all the others involved in the creation and development of the supybot plugin.