With the huge work done by Dirk and others to get Bugzilla to the shiny new version, there is a new feature that I have been able to enable with bugbot: it can now report new bugs from $KDE-product into your channel.

For a preview of how this happens, join #kde-bugs-dist. Basically, when there’s a new bug, bugbot will drop in a note with:

<bugbot> New kalzium (general) bug 169477 filed by sputnikshock@gmail.com.
<bugbot> Bug http://bugs.kde.org/169477 normal, NOR, UNCONFIRMED, Ununseptium is listed as being know before 1667 in the timeline

Of course, bugbot will still snarf out bugs, i.e.:

<you> bug 100
<bugbot> KDE bug 100 in unknown (general) “When reading a directory, KFM hangs if” [Wishlist,Closed: fixed] http://bugs.kde.org/100

So if you have any KDE project IRC channel, and you want bugbot to snarf bugs and/or report new ones in your channel, just drop me a note (apokryphos in #kde-devel, #kde-bugs) and I’ll have him added.

Continuous thanks goes to Mez for his gracious hosting.