So the free (to all testers) openSUSE 11.0 box came today, and it’s looking pretty stylish and even comes with a couple of stickers:

So far I’ve been really impressed with the latest release. Not only have the reviews been pretty much consistently positive because of some of the shiny new features (like installer and fast package management), but also in general it’s just running very well. I installed it on some 10 different desktop and laptop machines over the past few weeks, and every single one has gone very smoothly.

KDE 4.1

There are a lot of nice things in the upcoming 4.1, so I’ll just briefly mention a few of those visual ones which particularly interest me:

There have been several additions to the KWin composite effects including wobbly windows:

And some new window switching effects:


A desktop cube plugin is also in the works.

The Oxygen icon theme is also a real pleasure to use (coming in different colours):