With the exams (and University!) having come to an end, I managed to create an updated version of the 1-click-installation for codecs in the latest openSUSE 11.0 RC1. This will be at the exact same place at the old link, as 1-click-install gives you the possibility for different preferences for different distributions. So here are the links:

This will install things like DVD and MP3 support, Win32 codecs, flash and java (if you installed from the live CD), unrestricted xine codecs (for DiVX etc.), as well as the latest Amarok and K3b codecs (for the KDE ymp).

You can also optionally install things like Dragon Player, VLC and Opera by hitting the “Customise” button when the 1-click-installer starts up.

As always, if you have problems or suggestions on what to include in the YMP, please do let me know!


Another thing I recommend trying out is Command-not-found (for 11.0: 1-click-install), which is very handy for general usage in the shell. Demonstration of what it does:

20:52 francis:~> dragon

The program ‘dragon’ can be found in the following package(s):
* dragonplayer (/usr/bin/dragon)

Try: sudo zypper install dragonplayer

bash: dragon: command not found
20:52 francis:~> amarokk

Did you mean: ‘amarok’ ?

bash: amarokk: command not found
20:52 francis:~> ifconfig

Program ‘ifconfig’ is present in package ‘net-tools’, which is installed on your system.

Full path leading to ‘ifconfig’ is ‘/sbin/ifconfig’.

Please check your $PATH or maybe program ‘ifconfig’ is intended to be run only by root.

bash: ifconfig: command not found

After you’ve installed it, see the /usr/share/doc/packages/command-not-found/README file for how to enable it by default.

Obligatory Screenshots of 11.0

Though I’ve been running KDE 4 for a few months, it’s great to see it even more polished and working more nicely in the latest RC. With the import of the new artwork, everything looks and feels really wonderful:
KDE 4 Desktop

Cyberorg also just mentioned on IRC that openSUSE has gone to no. 1 on distrowatch for the last week — great news!