I’ve now updated to the latest openSUSE KDE4 Packages and got another video (first one being: KDE 4.0 RC1+ Video Tour) to add, and it’s one all about the new KDE 4.0 KWin composite; that is, the new desktop effects that will be available with KDE 4.0.

The desktop effects are coming along nicely, with many plugins available. You will no longer need to run Compiz to get many standard and convenient composite features: they will be available right inside KDE. In many cases the plugins improve window management (like “present windows” or Compiz’s “scale” plugin), provide a little eye-candy to the desktop (like translucent windows), or are just useful in various situations, like mouse mark (handy when doing a presentation).

Download high quality video (OGG, 38M)

Thanks goes to liquidat for informing me about recordmydesktop’s --full-shots option, which is required when taking videos of window managers using composite effects.

Note: all of the effects themselves are in fact perfectly smooth on my desktop. Some of the effects and window manipulations seem a little dodgy because of the recording software which is reasonably intensive. Under normal operations it performs incredibly well.