I got the chance to play a little more with KDE4 since the first release candidate was announced, so I made a brief video tour of a few things that particularly interest me. You can easily get going with the openSUSE KDE Packages, KDE 4 Live CD, or the new KDE4Daily QEMU image.

KWIN Composite (the new KDE desktop effects) was the only thing that I didn’t get to demonstrate as xvidcamp/recordmydesktop completely fail if it is enabled. Nevertheless, that is certainly something to try out for yourself.

Things covered in this little tour:

Killer Applications

  • Kickoff, new KDE Menu
  • Dolphin, new File Manager
  • Konqueror
  • JuK, audio Player
  • KDE System Settings — KControl Replacement
  • Kopete
  • KMplot, Kalzium, Kate

Oxygen, the beautiful style and icon theme
Plasma, with convenient/attractive widgets for your desktop