As we do most years, I spent some time again with family in Chalkidiki, Greece (pictures).

Greek Beach

I had almost forgotten just how beautiful it was. For the majority of the time the beach was incredibly clear and calm. Other highlights included being zoomed away on ringos attached to a boat, watching the sun set on the beach with my girlfriend, relaxing in a hammock for a few hours, and getting five or so mosquito bites on the last day (incidentally, they were the only ones I ever got).

Looks like a lot of exciting things have been happening in the openSUSE universe as well over the last couple of weeks, including:

  • openSUSE News portal being finally launched. This is really something that openSUSE has needed for an awfully long time, so be sure to subscribe to the feed to get the latest news as soon as it is available.
  • Frank from fame worked on creating during the SUSE Hack Week. It’s available and in full-swing now, and will hopefully act as an aggregation of all SUSE-themed things.
  • 10.3 Alpha 6 was released; the most exciting new thing is the libzypp (package management) stack imported.
  • Pascal released a really great webpin CLI client (latest changes).
  • The Metapackage Handler (or one-click-install) is constantly improving.
  • Will provides a detailed summary of the changes happening in KDE for KDE 4.0 on Novell Open Audio (talk starts at 40 minutes in).

Next thing coming: Alpha 7 out in two days! 🙂