Benji and I arrived yesterday to the beautiful city of Nürnberg for Novell Hack Week. The city has a lot of nice things to see and we started the day by going to the infamous castle which has a pretty fantastic overview of the city; the inner city is all surrounded by a pretty large wall. Adrian has been a great and patient guide and friend to us throughout the time, and has taken us around quite a few wonderful places (more pictures to come soon). The city itself was pretty damaged during the war but there have been continuous efforts to revive the wall and other buildings to precisely the way they were before, instead of demolishing them and modernizing, which is really quite nice:

A turret on the wall of the city
So what is it that we’re here for? As Nat announced a little earlier, for Novell Hack Week, a time when SUSE’s hundreds of developers get a chance to work on whatever they want for the whole week. is acting as an aggregation for all ideas and suggestions.

Geeko hack week

There’s really hundreds of great ideas already, and things are getting quite exciting, but some of the ideas most interesting me are the openSUSE News Portal which is really something we’ve been in great need for, a Live+Installer media, and various other wonderful ideas with mockups from Jakub Steiner, such as Smoother Login Experience. I should end up working on the Software Portal, mainly doing web-related stuff. Really beginning to look forward to the innovations that come out of this week!

In other news, Jigish has some Compiz Fusion packages up-and-ready to test. I tried them out a couple of days ago and made a little video on my laptop. Some of the effects are getting very nicely polished.