About Me: Francis Giannaros

I'm a Mathematics and Philosophy graduate from King's College London, and undertook a Computer Science MSc at Imperial College London.


My main interests include Metaphysics and Epistemology, Logic (particularly Modal Logic), Philosophy of Religion, and what Owen Barfield calls Anthroposophy (Philosophical Anthropology, if you like).

There are many Philosophers who have influenced me greatly, but in particular Blaise Pascal, Owen Barfield, and Bertrand Russell. I have equally been influenced by many discussions on PhilosophyForums.com, and it's a place where I used to administrate.


University life hasn't left me with any reasonable time to read, but I am a voracious reader, and like many varying types of literature. My favourite writers perhaps include Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Leo Tolstoy, and J.R.R. Tolkien.

I also enjoy reading in various other areas, such as Politics, International Affairs, History (Ancient and Modern), Economics, Physics and Mathematics.

Computers and Software

opensuseI'm very interested in Free and Open Source Software. My favourite Linux distribution is openSUSE, though I used to also contribute to Kubuntu, which I used for some time. I'm a KDE aficionado.

I used to contribute a lot to openSUSE. I'm an editor over at news.openSUSE.org, launched openSUSE-Community.org, and I'm a former member of the openSUSE Board.

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